Learn more about the Frugal Film Festival and how it works.

The Frugal Film Festival (FFF) is a tri-annual event for the frugal, low budget, spare-every-expense kind of filmmakers out there!

Three times per year we supply teams from around the world with a script, a few rules, and tons of motivation! After that it's up to them to create the best film they can with the resources they have.

What makes FFF different is we provide the same script for each team. This is for three reasons:

  1. First, it takes the pressure off! No need to think about what you'll make, you have the script already in front of you.

  2. Second, it's a great challenge and can help showcase, compare, and contrast the creative skills of each team if they have the same source material.

  3. Third, it's a lot of fun to see the different interpretations each team makes and how they make the film their own!

Prizes galore.

After an online screening of all the films, the films are judged by a panel of professional filmmakers. From there, the top 3 teams will win a number of different prizes from cash to memberships and resources. The top film from each round will also go on to the big screen at a live film festival somewhere in the world!

The next festival is soon!

Get your team ready! Come July, 2022 we will announce the next festival. We will soon share what's involved, and what the prizes will be. There are always great prizes and perks even just for entering. Sign up today!

What's Next?

After all of the films are in and online it's time to watch! It's really a great time to see how each team interpreted the script and story. We set up a screening on Vimeo for each film. After the screening of all films the top 3 films are picked as winners and awarded their prizes!

Sign up today and get ready.